This little baby absolutely broke my heart in both good and bad ways. Let me explain.

Look....just look at his face and tell me your heart doesn't immediately go "Awwwwww"

Polo 1

And then I heard his story.

This is Polo. He's about 3 months old and, unfortunately, had a rough start to his life. He came from an abusive situation and has the scars to prove it. They're healed, thank goodness, but someone burned this puppy down his back. The scars are missing some hair which is why its noticeable. He's okay now. However, I'm sure this baby could use a lot of TLC with a new family that will give him nothing but a secure, safe place to call home. According to Katie, Polo will be good fit for any home. He's very calm and very quiet. Which is surprising for a puppy.

Polo 2

Polo is available for adoption right now along with his brother, Marco.

If you're not ready for a puppy or you're looking for an animal that would be a better fit, the SPCA of SW Michigan just had an influx of animals that have been fixed, have had their shots, and are ready to be adopted. See all the animals available now here. Reminder that the SPCA is currently operating by appointment only.

As well, if you know of an outdoor animal that needs a warm shelter during winter contact the SPCA of SW Michigan immediately. They have a program called Cold Noses Warm Hearts where volunteers will coordinate food and build warm shelters for these animals that are stuck outside. You can contact them here.

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