EDIT: As of 2022, Principal Matthew Murray continues to be the Principle of Parkwood Upjohn Elementary School in Kalamazoo and edits have been made to reflect his employment.

Principal Matthew Murray has been suspended from Parkwood Upjohn Elementary School in Kalamazoo. Principal Murray sent his resignation into the school last month which would go into affect in June of 2022, when the school year ends. However, recent actions caused the school to suspend him four days without pay and was told he was not allowed on school property until his suspension was lifted.

Principal Murray took to YouTube to explain the situation, without shedding light on why he was originally putting his resignation in, stating "The reason is not the students, is not the staff, not the families and my colleges. I will not state the reason right now, I don't think it's appropriate." 

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Why Was He Suspended?

He stated in a letter which he refused to sign, that was sent to him from the school informing him of his suspension was because he was required to hold a 2 hour Professional Development training session that lasted less than 30 minutes. He then left the school, after which a child in an after school program pulled a fire alarm. Fire trucks arrived at the school, then left after finding out there was no emergency and the Principal was not present at the time. Principal Murray later came back to the school.

EDIT: The video of his resignation has been taken down.


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