When are this old birds gonna leave town?

While leaving Title Boxing Club on Romance Road in Portage, traffic was halted to a stand still because of these Canadian Geese. Thinking of the time of year, I thought they may have moved on to a warmer climate. So I looked on Wikipedia to see what they had to say...

The Great Lakes region maintains a very large population of Canada geese. Canada geese occur year-round in the southern part of their breeding range, including most of the eastern seaboard and the Pacific coast. Between California and South Carolina in the southern United States and northern Mexico, Canada geese are primarily present as migrants from further north during the winter

These guys seem to rule the roost and it is all because of us humans. The birds would not be so arrogant or aggressive if we didn't feed them. Yet, I love them so I wil continue to feed them so I can enjoy their beauty.

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