A 54-year-old man stole a street sweeper, then attempts to make a clean getaway, slowly.

Richmond, Indiana is a smallish town of about 36,000 people tucked in the middle of Indianapolis and Dayton, Ohio right on the Indiana/Ohio state line.  I would assume it's rare for Richmond police to be involved in a chase at 1:30 A.M. on a Sunday morning.  It is very safe to assume that it's rare for the Richmond police to respond to a call of a stolen street sweeper.  But, that's what happened.  And we have the video to prove it thanks to Fox 59's youtube page.  Police were responding to reports that a man driving a street sweeper was recklessly driving through downtown Richmond and swerving at people.

In the video below, there are at least 7 police cars pursuing the stolen street sweeper reaching top speeds of 15 MPH.  To say that it is complete chaos would be an understatement.

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While multiple officers swarm around the stolen heavy equipment they rely on a tactic that is usually successful, spike strips.  However, the spike strips were not a factor as the suspect was moving slow enough to simply drive around them.  Who knew that a slow police chase would be more difficult to manage than a high-speed chase?

The suspect was eventually caught when he attempted to flee on foot after crashing the street sweeper into the river.  He will likely see the inside of a jail cell after he recovers from injuries according to WHIO.com,

He was transported to Reid Health for injuries to his arm from the canine apprehension as well as other facial injuries from the struggle with officers. Police say he remained at the hospital for treatment and observation.

There is no info at this time as to why the suspect stole the street sweeper from a construction company.  The 54-year-old Indiana man faces charges of vehicle theft, resisting law enforcement, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving.

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