During the early morning hours of Friday, November 18th, a man allegedly had a heart attack at the JBS factory in Plainwell and his coworkers were told to work around his lifeless body.

Of course, as with any death, the scene should be preserved until local police and trained medical personnel arrive to provide care and begin an investigation. The troublesome part is the facility remained open while he was fighting for his life.

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The incident supposedly occurred at around 5 am on Friday morning and his body was still lifelessly laying on the factory floor almost 5 hours later. According to the Facebook post you can see below, coworkers walked past his body and kept reporting that it was still there awaiting the coroner.

As mentioned before there isn't a lot that can be done by those working for JBS other than calling the authorities and awaiting their arrival. This is because they want the professionals to come in and do their jobs and possibly save a life and for authorities to decide if foul play was involved or not.

The only fault by JBS in this situation was deciding to leave their facility open for operation and exposing their employees and his beloved coworkers to the horrific sight. There were rumors of pictures and videos of the body circling social media but luckily for me, I haven't seen those.

We don't have all of the details at this time, everything is simply word of mouth through social media. It's unfortunate if someone did lose their life and that others had to be subjected to the views they experience this morning.

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