The Bret Michaels show at the Allegan County Fair is coming up Friday Night.  I can't wait!  But I need your help!

I have the very exciting opportunity to meet Bret Michaels before the show.  I don't want to take the same old picture with a celebrity that everybody takes.  I want to take a picture with this rock icon that will stand out.  For example, I once asked country singer and judge from the Voice, Blake Shelton, to strangle me for our picture together.

TSM: Dana Marshall
TSM: Dana Marshall

I don't think I'm going to ask Bret to assault me for a photo.  But I'm not sure how what I should do.  All I know is that I want it to stand out.

What do you think I should do?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.  Then I'll post the end results Monday Morning.

Bret Michaels will be live with Ratt, Warrant, Firehouse and L.A. Guns Friday Night at the Allegan County Fair.

Check out our interview with Bret Michaels below.

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