From Old Burdick's to the Kalamazoo mall, there is always something to do in Downtown Kalamazoo.

On Friday, Katie from the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, Dana and I went to Old Burdick's to have dinner and a couple drinks.  Well, Dana is a non-drinker so he filled up on fountain Mountain Dew.  He made fun of Katie for liking Asparagus so much (if you wanted to know the story behind the photo...)

On Saturday, Heather McGregor and I spent the day shopping at the Kalamazoo Mall.  I've been to the Union, Taco Bob's and other restaurants along the Kalamazoo mall but never stopped at any of the shops.  You can find anything and everything you're looking for, including "fun shots" at Taco Bob's.

Bonus Video

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