Like many, I've had this cold for a while

and I usually take some Sudafed before I leave the house.  That seems to help.  Today, of course, I forgot.  So I figured I'd just hit the Meijer on Gull Road by the radio station on my way in.  Great plan, right?  Sure, until I get there and find out that the pharmacy doesn't open until 8:00am.  Feeling frustrated and not wanting to wait around for 45 minutes, I texted my wife about my situation.  She had a great idea, just go to the Walgreen's across the street.  Fantastic suggestion honey!  So I hop back in my car, drive across the street only to find that there's no pharmacist on duty.  Awesome.  Back in the car (again) , across the street (again) to Meijer for a little wait.  I did pick up some gum as I wandered around passing time, so not a total loss.

I've got a lot of pharmacists in my family, my dad, sister and uncle all are practicing pharmacists.  No issue w/the folks in the white coats.  I even understand the whole gotta-show-your-id-to-buy-Sudafed thing too.  Just one of those days I guess.  And this cold should be over by June...I hope.

Happy Friday.

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