The People's Co-Op is hosting an event which is acting as a day of remembrance to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the big oil spill that affect us here in Kalamazoo:

This is a Community Event to Honor Our River and a Kick-off for Our Call to Action as we continue to work with key organizations across the State. It is 10 years after Enbridge of Canada's Pipeline 6B ruptured, spilling more than 1 million gallons of heavy oil into the River. Remember, Enbridge has brought us the 67-year old Line 5 which must be Shutdown Forever to prevent what happened here from devastating the Straits and Great Lakes. The Tunnel must never be built.

For those who take a strong interest in the environment and for our well being, the event is highly recommended. The PFC is planning to teach the community more about the Action Campaign and how everybody you help.
There will also be panelist speakers, which include Jeff Insko, Founder of the Line 6B Citizens' Blog and local Line 6B activist Chris Wahmhoff.
There will also be a Native American Healing Water Walk (bring a cup) with performances by Kalamazoo's Rootead and Samantha Cooper.

PFC Natural Grocery & Deli is a consumer-owned cooperative grocery store, bringing a full array of natural products and healthful, local foods to Kalamazoo. You do not have to be a member/owner to shop there. They exist exists to create access for all to food that is healthy for people, land, and the economy. We're a cooperative. Anyone can become an owner.

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