First, a quick funny reaction from a co-worker who wasn't paying strict attention to a inter-office memo and said "why would anyone want to donate 160,000 pierogis?"

No, the folks at Perrigo are not donating pierogis, though for some of us, that sounds equally as good, (even if it caused a shortage of sour cream and butter) but they are donating 160,000 toothbrushes to three non-profits - Camp Fire West Michigan, The StoreHouse of Community Resources and Kids’ Food Basket.

Your first question might be the same as mine, why toothbrushes? Unfortunately, with the economic hardships that many have been undergoing the past three month with the lockdown and quarantine, one of the choices that parents have to make is oral hygiene. Limited funding might mean not having a decent toothbrush or toothpaste, to perform routine tooth care. Perrigo says the American Dental Association "recommends toothbrushes and accompanying devices be changed at a minimum of every 90 days, and especially after illness. Unfortunately, not every household in West Michigan has the ability to replace their oral care equipment as often as recommended".

In ideal circumstances, toothbrushes should be replaced before and after an illness occurs. This, in turn, helps limit the risk of re-infection, and promotes the health of an entire family.

And the donation to these three organizations allows them to allocate their already strained and limited resources to other issues.

Perrigo has a 130 year history in West Michigan, and opened it's first manufacturing plant in Allegan in 1921. Since then, it's become one of the biggest players in the drug and home health goods industry

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