Students at Paw Paw Public Schools are learning some serious life lessons and important skills, making lanyards for facemasks themselves as part of a work experience project. Heather Raymond and her students started making headbands (similar to Sassy Olive, but with an added twist to their headbands that she didn’t use) as a micro-enterprise, teaching the students how to sew and some marketing skills. Unfortunately it was shut down. Mrs. Raymond needed to find something else for them to make this year that they could do a little more independently, at their seats, and distanced. It’s also something they can work on from home now that we are in a 3 week shut down. The product is also something in demand right now, as Mrs. Raymond explained to me:

The whole point of a micro-enterprise is to teach employability skills and engage students in the production of goods and services for their school or community. Students get an opportunity to learn new transferable skills and engage in some hands-on activities. They all look forward to “Work Experience Hour”. Also, with a micro-enterprise the money goes back into our account to purchase more materials for lanyards or other creations.
Raymond also created a brief slide show that her and her students presented to the school board last year which highlighted some of the items they have made and sold, as well as their work based leaning program at Paw Paw High School. This will be the first year in about 4 years they are unable to make custom items for the Holiday Shop at their elementary. They usually create and gift wrap specialty items for it. Her students, and with the help of general education Peer to Peer students last year, sewed catnip toys, baked dog treats, and put together popcorn baskets and kid themed bath sets. Even the general education students loved it. It makes everyone feel good to contribute to their school and community.
 If you'd like to purchase mask lanyards you can contact Mrs. Heather Raymond at Adult lanyards are $3 and kids sizes are $2. 
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