I used to laugh at "you learn something new every day" when I was younger because surely there wasn't that much that could be unknown, right? WRONG.

Today I learned that there's a 'National Alpaca Open Farm Day'. According to alpacainfo.com, this is a recognized holiday that's celebrated by alpaca farms across the United States. The purpose is for people to learn more about alpacas by getting up close, learning about how alpacas are raised, touring farms and more.

Luckily for us in southwest Michigan, we have an alpaca farm just down the road that's participating in National Alpaca Open Farm Day.

CanDo Acres in Paw Paw is inviting the public to their farm on Saturday, September 25th from 10am - 4pm. Admission will be free and, according to the Facebook event page, you may even meet a few baby alpacas too.

What to Expect When Meeting an Alpaca

If you've never encountered an alpaca before here are a few things you should know:

  1. Some alpacas spit. But, according to agriculture.com, they usually do so when they're feeling threatened or annoyed. Don't worry. They'll give you signs like putting their ears back and tilting their head upwards before spitting.
  2. Alpacas have been compared to cats in the sense that they may be wary of you until they get to know you. But, most are very friendly.
  3. Alpacas have been known to be very good with children. Especially when socialized from an early age.

You can read more about alpacas, their personalities and why they make good pets here.

Just in case you need a little sneak peek at the adorableness that awaits you at CanDo Acres for this free alpaca farm day...just look:

CanDo Acres also offers classes teaching 'wet felting' where you can create tiny pots for succulents or even little felt animals like hedgehogs. Find them on Facebook to learn more. 

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