Health officials in Summit County, Ohio are trying to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak following a huge 16th birthday party.

Last week school leaders at Walsh Jesuit High School heard rumors that a large birthday party would be happening that following weekend.  In an attempt to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 during the pandemic, the high school sent out a warning to all of the students and their parents.  That warning apparently went largely ignored.

Summit County health officials and the Walsh Jesuit High School faculty are trying to identify everyone who attended this huge sweet 16 birthday party according to,

After seeing pictures confirming the party, school administrators reached out to Summit County Health for advice. Due to possible COVID-19 exposure, Summit County Public Health Commissioner, Donna Skoda says the department suggested local high schools track down all students at the party in case contact tracing is necessary in the future.

Both the school and the health department are now asking any students that attended this party to watch for symptoms, practice social distancing and to stay home.  Because of this party over 100 students will be doing at home learning instead of coming to class.


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