A new committee has been formed in the hopes of getting approval for an outdoor skate park to be built somewhere in Battle Creek. 3 years ago, Kalamazoo successfully built their own outdoor skate park on Davis Street, and this committee is hoping to accomplish the same. Michael Delaware, along with other members of the community, are coming together to figure out a plan for the park, and are asking the public their opinions and thoughts about what they'd like to see.

In a Kzoo group, Delaware recently announced their plans and the enthusiasm already shown in the idea, saying: "The kids involved with the project are excited, and it has been something they have wanted for years. I was invited to participate in the planning, and am excited to be a part of it. Below is a video I created for them to introduce the project. The site location has not been fully identified yet, and there are still several preliminary planning steps being worked on. There will be more news as the project develops."

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Delaware and his team are hoping to partner with Team Active and Battle Ground in the hopes they can get backing for the project. In a time where we are trying to find things to do during the pandemic, this park would be a crucial addition to the city. Where do you think a good spot to put it would be? Comment on our Facebook post and let us know.

White Pigeon Bowl in White Pigeon, MI



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