The homeowners who live at the crossroads of 24th St. and 108th Ave in Otsego are looking for either a vandal or a person at fault who is responsible for seriously damaging their gate. In a Facebook group, Loretta Wheeler posted pictures of the devastation in hopes that someone out there may be able to help identify who is responsible, offering a reward for any information. A police report has been filed and she put a notice out on the Allegan County Informed page that she is actively pursuing the culprit, stating:

$2,000 REWARD to the first person with information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for damage to the gate at 24th St. and 108th Ave in Otsego. Must be willing to testify.

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You can see the photos below to see just how much damage was done to the gate:

What To Do If You Have Information

It's crucial that if you know someone who is responsible for this or have an idea, to contact the homeowners and the police so an investigation can continue. Unfortunately the cameras located near the gate weren't able to see because of the snow the snow, and the footage came out too blurry. A solid suggestion offered was for the homeowners to look for paint trade on the gate or emblems from the vehicle in the snow. You don't hit a gate that hard without evidence. Hopefully the homeowners can find justice for the destruction of their property.

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