Enter the Old Detroit Train Station at your own risk...

Not much is being revealed about Detroit Train Station being turned into a haunted house for one night only, but we do know is that is going to happen.

Just recently, the Ford Motor Company bought the old abandoned Detroit Train Depot for a mere $90 million dollars, and now they are going to have some fun with the old builing.

A spokesperson for Ford told the Detroit Free Press...

 "plans are underway for the event." Details on the event will be forthcoming".

Here is what we do know!

  • The haunted Train Depot will be for one night only.
  • The haunting's will take place on the first floor of the station.
  •  The event will be free to the public.
  • Residents of the Corktown neighborhood (the area that Ford has designated an "Impact Area) will get priority tours of the haunted depot.

Shawn Wilson, Manager of the Ford Motor Company Fund, told Crain's Detroit Business...

"Any time we provide an opportunity for people come inside and participate in something there, I think we'll have a positive showing."

Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, so my hopes is that the event takes place the weekend before the holiday! This just might be a haunted house that I am will may be willing to enter.


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