Finding a new apartment can be SO stressful.

You want to find a spot that's close to work, in a neighborhood where you'll feel comfortable and at home, at a price that isn't going to leave you destitute.

Taking a look at Zillow, there seems to be a few relatively affordable options. Keep in mind, not all of these are available immediately nor are they (for the most part) pet-friendly. A bummer, I know.

Here are the 7 cheapest one-bedroom apartments listed on Zillow at this moment:

The 7 Cheapest 1 Bedroom Kalamazoo Apartments Found on Zillow Right Now

The hunt for an affordable living situation can be stressful. But, Kalamazoo seems to have a few choices. Here are the 7 cheapest apartments listed on Zillow at this moment.

Find even more apartments here.

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