Aubree's on Gull Rd in Kalamazoo has been closed for exactly a year.  What should move into this location?

We asked this question on Facebook.  200 comments's what Kalamazoo had to say.

#1.  Golden Corral:  Fawn Marie, Cindy Sisco and Eleanor McElvain are just 3 of MANY people to suggest Golden Corral.  In fact, that was by far the most popular answer in the facebook comments.

The closest Golden Corral location is 49 miles away in Walker, MI.


#2.  Cheese Cake Factory:  Rose Avitable, Vashu Patel and Teresa Davis are 3 of many that would like to see the Cheese Cake Factory set up shop in front of Meijer.

Would you believe the closest Cheese Cake Factory is in Chicago?!?


#3.  White Castle:  Ashley Wilson, Jonathon Fleming and TJ Williams help bring White Castle to #3 in this unofficial facebook poll.

Right now you'd have to drive all the way to Michigan City to get your slider on.


#4.  Wahlburgers:  Kelly Noteboom, Samantha Mae and Christina DeGrush are 3 of the many that want to see Mark, Donnie and Paul come to town.

If you want a taste of a Wahlberg today you'd have to drive 129 miles.  Yikes.


#5.  Noodles and Company:  Lisa Padilla Robbins, Shannon Jacobs and Danielle Christine Hirsch would love to have Noodles and Company pop up on Gull Rd.

We have a Noodles and Company on West Main in Kalamazoo and Westnedge Ave in Portage...but dang it...people want it on Gull Rd too.


Many other restaurants were mentioned that didn't make the top 5.  You can see them all by clicking here.

I for one, would love to see a Steak N Shake or a Sushi place here.  But that didn't get nearly enough mentions to reach the top 5.  What restaurant would you like to see in this spot?  Let us know in the comments.



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