A Macy's beauty consultant allegedly put an X on a woman's cheek over a year ago and it won't come off.Judy Pleunik of Ohio is suing Macy's because she has had this permanent X below her left eye since she visited their store in the Baybrook Mall near Houston, TX in February of 2018.  Pleunik showed her scared face to ABC 13 in Houston via facetime.  You can check out that video below.

Judy went to her dermatologist in the hopes of getting rid of this X with no success according to ABC13.com,

"I want to figure out how to get this off my face," said Pleunik. "It's extremely frustrating because every day when I see people, they're like 'Why do you have an 'X' on your face?' I put makeup on, but it bleeds right through it. It's bizarre to me."

Pleunik's lawyer, Melissa Ephron, said a dermatologist recommended a biopsy to figure out what was applied to her skin.

Judy's lawyer went on to say that her client went into Macy's to get her makeup done and came out branded.  Ouch!

There's no word on the terms of lawsuit or what Pleunik hopes to get out of it.

What do you think?  After watching the video above would you file a lawsuit?

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