Somebody came up with a way to watch movies while safely social distancing during the Pandemic.

We all have that one thing we miss the most during the Covid-19 pandemic.  For many of us it's going to the movies.  What I would give to go see a new movie at Celebration Cinema right now.  Unfortunately, until we get this virus under control that's not going to happen.  However, somebody in Columbus, Ohio came up with a solution.  All you need is a boat.

On the week of September 23rd there will be a floating boat cinema in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio according to the Zip-tickets event page,

The cinema will be made up of 12 to 24 mini boats, holding up to 8 people per boat. Tickets will require you to purchase the whole boat to ensure that groups will be seated with friends and family only, and to allow for social distancing on and between boats!

This sounds like a fun idea.  With the large numbers of lakes and rivers in Michigan, it's odd that we don't have any scheduled here.  But there are a couple red flags about these events.

#1 Right now you can "book" your spot for free.  But they have not announced how much the tickets are yet.

#2  The movies are also yet to be announced.

#3  The Beyond Cinema events page lists 5 'Floating Boat Cinema' events happening at exactly the same time from Ohio to Texas.

What do you think?  If they announce dates in Michigan would you want to go?


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