These thoughtful newlyweds did more than just donate their wedding food...They actually spent a couple hours serving that food after they tied the knot.

Melanie and Tyler Tapajna had already paid for the food.  Since the wedding reception was cancelled they decided to do some good in their community according to,

The newlyweds, still dressed in their wedding gown and tux, spent their first few hours as husband and wife in the City Mission’s kitchen dishing out fried chicken, mac and cheese, greens and others items originally intended to be served to guests at their reception.

The City Mission even tweeted about it.

The CEO of the City Mission, Richard Trickel was tickled by the couple's generosity.

We love to make fun of Ohio from time to time.  OK, we love to make fun of Ohio all of the time.  But we can't ignore a feel good story like this.  With all of the hate in our country right now.  It's nice to see a story that returns our faith in humans.

Congrats to the newlywed couple.  We wish you a very happy life together.

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