A man made a promise to his sister and then this happened...

This whole thing started with a brother, Mendl Weinstock picking on his sister, Riva according to buzzfeednews.com,

This all started during a road trip from their home in Ohio to Indiana. His sister Riva, who was 17 at the time, wasn't even dating at the time, but was talking about her future wedding "as if it was going to happen tomorrow, Just to tick her off I said I wasn’t going to come to the wedding."  Well, she didn't like that. She told him he was being a bad brother, so he compromised and said, "if you make me come to the wedding I’m going to bring a llama with me."

Weinstock went all out dressing a llama up in a tux.  This is the most dapper llama you'll ever see.  Check out the pictures of this llama by clicking here.

Thank God Riva's brother jokingly said he would bring a llama 5 years ago.  He could've said he would bring Carrot Top.  She really dodged a bullet.


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