Ohio man found himself in the back of a police car after he called the police.

The customer told police he feared for his life according to Cleveland19.com,

“I came back inside because my order was incorrect. One of the associates became extremely hostile and threatened to jump over the counter and fight me,” said the customer to a Rocky River police dispatcher. "The manager seems to not be doing anything about it. I feel in fear for my life. I have three kids with me in the car, I have my fiancee. It’s a very unstable environment right now...He said he’s going to jump over the counter and, quote, ‘F*** me up.’ "

The police took his report and questioned witnesses.  They were unable to confirm his account of what happened.  However, during the investigation they found the customer who called 911 missed two court appearances and had an outstanding warrant.

Before we call get too judgy, the warrant is related to a speeding ticket.

Here's a little advise.  Whether you have a warrant for your arrest or not.  Just try not to freak out over an incorrect order at a fast food restaurant.  If that is the biggest problem you have you should be the happiest person on the planet.



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