Ohio, you really need to start evaluating the well being of your citizens. Recently a story was published about 38-year-old Tito Cunningham, who snuck into a woman's house and woke her up by rubbing her feet. The 30-year-old says she was asleep early last week when she opened her eyes to find a man rubbing her feet. She explained how she reacted to ABC13: "I started screaming, 'What are you doing in my house? How did you even get in here? What are you doing? He tried to force himself on me, and I was able to start screaming and push him off and he took off running. He said that he 'liked me' and that if I told anybody he would 'get me. Your home is supposed to be where you feel the safest, and I don't feel safe in my home right now and he took that from me."

Officers arrested him on burglary charges and booked him in the Lucas County Jail. Ohio, stop it!