An Ohio woman isn't going to take her husband's alleged lazy ways anymore.  She got the police involved.

It was a Sunday afternoon just about a week ago when an angry 55-year-old woman walked into the Lyndhurst, Ohio police department in desperate need of help according to,

A woman 55, went to the police station to speak with an officer about her husband, 63, not doing any chores and not paying their bills.

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I'm not sure what the woman thought law enforcement could do about a lazy husband.  Lord knows, there's not enough police officers, court rooms and jails for that to be against the law.  However, the local police did suggest that the woman start the eviction process through the courts.

If you're thinking this story sounds familiar.  You're not wrong.  On Sunday, March 24th, a Solon, Ohio woman drove to the police station to file a police report on her boyfriend because he yelled at her.  The problem was, she drove to the police station drunk.  She was arrested on the spot.  You can see that full story by clicking here.  That happened on the very same day as the incident in Lyndhurst.

I hate to say this, but this is more of a case for Dr. Phil than it is the police.  I feel dead inside after typing that last line.  Thanks a lot Ohio.

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