This Cincinnati, Ohio couple un-cancelled their wedding.

Autumn Wood and Christian Miller were pretty bummed when their wedding was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  They decided to make a few drastic changes to their big wedding plans to move forward according to,

They held a ceremony in their back garden and as they couldn’t have any guests, their dogs acted as bridesmaids. The rest of their friend and family watched on Facebook Live as they wore face masks and drank Corona beer in a nod to the current situation.

The couple, were married by the groom's brother that they just happen to be quarantined with.   Two dogs and a brother make for an awkward honeymoon.  Well, the actual honeymoon is a trip to Disneyland which has been rescheduled for August.  Let's just hope there is a Disneyland by August.

Check out video of the wedding below.  It's actually beautiful.  Congrats to the happy couple, and dogs Sasha and Oreo.

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