A long time customer brings this bakery owner to tears by spending their stimulus money on one pastry.

This bakery has been a part of the Upper Arlington, OH community for decades according to NBC4i.com,

The Original Goodie Shop has been open for nearly 70 years, and has been owned by the same family since the late 60s. Like many small businesses, margins are tight and with Ohio’s stay-at-home order in place, business has deflated like a soufflé. ​

Speaking of decades...one customer that has been coming into this bakery for decades knew that his favorite shop was struggling to stay open during the 'Stay-at-home' order.  So, he ordered his favorite chocolate-covered, custard-filled pasty that would normal run about $1.50.  He asked the shop manager if it would be ok that he pay $1,000 for that sweet treat.  The customer said that this is how he wants to spend the stimulus money that he is receiving from the Federal Government.

Another piece of good news coming out of Ohio during this crazy pandemic.

Do you know of someone doing good for others during this trying time?  Let us know in the comments.

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