An Ohio couple shared facebook videos showing them mixing laxatives into sugar cookies then handing them out.

This young Ohio couple decided tampering with food and sharing the evidence on social media was a good way to get revenge on people that annoyed them according to the Washington Examiner,

Authorities say that Bo Cosens, 29, and Rachel Sharrock, 25, were irritated that supporters of the striking workers would honk their horns while driving by the couple’s home in Uhrichsville, Ohio.

The couple allegedly shared videos on Facebook of them griping about the strikers, including one that featured them mixing laxative pills into sugar cookies. They also disclosed on Facebook that the cookies were brought to striking workers, but authorities say the cookies were not eaten by any striking employees.


The couple is now in the county slammer.  They have a $1 Million bond each and are not eating their own cookies.  OK, I made up that last part...but it's a safe assumption.

Ohio...STOP IT!

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