It has been an 18 wait, but it is happening nowWay back in 2000  Frederik Meijer Gardens started the cultivation of a very rare, very smelly plant known as the 'Corpse Flower'. The bloom is in full glory and you only have 36 hours to take it all in!

The smell has been equated to rotting garbage, dead fish, and skunk but the smell is worth dealing with to see this incredible flower. has reported that the plant...

Nicknamed "Putricia" by staff for its putrid smell, its bloom has revealed the plant's signature "rotting meat" scent that only occurs when the flower blooms every seven to 10 years, on average. The flower began blooming Wednesday around 7 or 8 p.m., and the crowd of people turned out right away.

The bloom only lasts for about 36 hours before it starts to close and many people feel it is a once in a lifetime chance to see this flower. explains some details about the bud...

The "corpse flower" also known as the amorphophallus titanum, is the biggest unbranched inflorescence in the world.

If you venture to see the bloom, I would love to see photos and hear what you thought about the odor!

The Corpse Flower...


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