Give Walmart credit, they tried hard to divert attention from the news of the abrupt closing of 63 Sam's Club stores, but, people aren't that stupid.

Early today, per the Detroit News, Walmart announced they were raising their company's minimum wage to $11.00 per hour and giving hourly workers bonuses up to $1000. And just as quickly, a few hours later, they abruptly closed 63 Sam's Club stores; two in Michigan, including one in Lansing.

Business Insider says the Lansing Sam's Club being closed is on Edgewood Blvd. The other Michigan location is in Farmington Hills.

It also reports that 10 of the closed Sam's Club locations will be converted to e-commerce distribution centers, but the story doesn't specify where those are located. Fired workers will be allowed to reapply for jobs at those sites.

Tweets on social media say that workers were given no advanced warning of losing their jobs. Reports also say three of the stores closed were in Puerto Rico, which was devastated by hurricane in 2017.





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