78 year old Michigan resident Nora Langdon is killing it in the world of weight lifting, literally, as she's captured 19 world records for her age group, and she isn't slowing down anytime soon. This all culminated 13 years ago when she decided she wanted to start working at at the Royal Oak Gym. She tells Fox 2 that she can deadlift close to 400 pounds, squats 380, and bench presses up to 185. For a woman of her age you would thing she should slow down, but once she first got in to the gym and discovered lifting, she knew it was her passion, regardless of fear:

It was intimidating but I said I'm not going to look at everybody else, I'm just going to look at my trainer and keep going. You just have to put your mind to it. Your mind and your body and be consistent. As long as you're consistent you can do it. When I squat this is what I say, I say 'Holy Spirit fall on me,' and I just do it and I come right on up.

The video below shows her becoming the World Champion for her age, benching 181.5

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Here she is again, a 76 year old Nora with a 362lbs squat in Orlando, Fl. 2018

This is an incredible feat even for me, but this lady is bound to break more world records this weekend at her next competition. While we're on the topic of being strong, let's dip back into the days when Tough Man contests ruled Kalamazoo.

When Toughman Competitions Ruled Michigan



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