Those of us that do imbibe think nothing of it, but if you are someone who does not consume alcohol I'm sure you are very aware of how It's customary to cheers no matter the occasion: births, deaths, new jobs, marriages. Alcohol is engrained in our society!

A trend that has gained popularity in recent years is that of craft "mocktails". These faux-cocktails can be just as refreshing and satisfying as any other minus one key ingredient: alcohol.

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More and more I'm noticing non-alcoholic specialty beverages like Curious Elixirs pop up in my Facebook ads and mixologists crafting alcohol-free mocktails on my TikTok page. I have to admit, some of these drinks look so legit I can't believe there's no alcohol in them. Believe it or not, non-alcoholic craft spirits are a thing too!

No matter the reason you choose to abstain, it's a great time to be alcohol-free in the Kalamazoo area. You're sure to find a wide selection of craft mocktails and non-alcoholic (N/A) beers at most bars and restaurants so you don't feel like you're missing out on any action. For your next night out with friends, here are a few places you might want to try:

The Stamped Robin

The popular cocktail bar is known for its signature cocktails, but also provides a range of mocktails as well. Says Reddit user u/jlgoodin78,

I had a phenomenal mocktail at Stamped Robin this week — black cherry and rosemary. Flavorful & refreshing. I want to figure out how to make a version at home, as alcohol, particularly liquor, doesn’t sit well with my system these days.

HopCat Kalamazoo

Known throughout the craft beer scene for its wide selection, you're guaranteed to find at least one N/A craft beer available at HopCat. According to their website their current lineup features a N/A west coast IPA from Two Roots Brewing Co. Says u/samsonshaircare,

HopCat has n/a beer. One of my friends had an N/A IPA there last week.

Traveler's Cafe and Pub

A favorite any time of the day, Traveler's not only has great food, they've also got a serious mocktail menu. U/Geek_Easy writes,

Travelers Cafe by the airport has good na spirits and mocktails.

Louie's Corner Bar - Texas Corners

An extension of Louie's Trophy House in Kalamazoo, the second Louie's location features signature cocktails, seltzers, and craft beers, in addition to a non-alcoholic selection. You're find sodas, juices, and mocktails such as a blood orange "margarita" and peach "mule" on the menu as well.


We went to brunch at Louie’s in Texas Corners and they have some really good mocktails.


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