I guess maybe some of us forget these wise words: "If it's too good to be true, it probably is.". WOW Air, the Icelandic low cost airline with the purple planes that flew out of Detroit's Metro Airport has shut down operations and has left over 1000 passengers if not stranded, at least out the cost of their airfare.

Airlines including EasyJet, Icelandair, Wizz Air, XL Airways and Norwegian Air were offering reduced fares to stranded travelers because of the difficult circumstances, according to the Icelandic Transport Authority. - CNN

CNN reports negotiations went late into Thursday morning, but failed and led to the shutdown.

The Detroit News quoted a Metro Airport spokesperson, saying WOW flew about four flights a week to Europe.

One common theme in all the WOW stories is how difficult it is for the no frills airlines to make money.

WOW expanded into several Midwestern markets, including Detroit, with much fanfare, but with only four flights a week, it may be best to describe customer reaction as wary or lukewarm.




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