Nightmare Realm Kalamazoo is holding auditions for their Nightmare Realm Haunted Attraction at 23492 Red Arrow Hwy, Mattawan, MI. The signage for their haunt location has not been put up yet, so the building itself still reads Marquis Auto Parts. Anyone interested in preparing for the Halloween season can apply here. They are looking for people for all different roles in their haunted attraction. Any additional info you need can be found on their website.

"Embedded in an intense and immersive atmosphere, Nightmare Realm haunted attraction will deliver a storyline that is meant to leave our visitors shocked, horrified and all around entertained. We are looking to gather a group of artists and creatives that help to take our story and mold each character within it to create the best haunt possible.

If you like the idea of being in a workplace based on innovation and creativity, acting face-to-face with your audience, or getting paid to scare the S#!% out of people, come out and audition!

The audition process is really a getting to know you event which is based around having fun. You do not need to prepare anything for your audition. Just make sure to wear comfortable clothes you can move around in, and be ready to have a good time. Our audition process is a “first come, first serve,” so you will be interviewed in the order you arrive.

Signature Characters require actors that are willing to dive deeper into the persona and commit to becoming these horrifying creations. They all have speaking parts and interact directly with the audience that comes through our haunt. These characters will evolve with your creative input, whether it be persona, costume, or props, you are given the chance to help mold this new being. In addition to acting during the haunt season, some of you may be a part of our “Street Team” that represents Nightmare Realm at different events. Some examples of these would be “Bar Take-Over” Nights, Zombie Walk Kalamazoo, and other social gatherings that we deem to be important to our customer base. We want to fill every position at Nightmare Realm with people who care about these roles, and every person who joins our team is very important to us. If this sounds like an opportunity that you don't want to miss, complete the application below and come out to the auditions on Saturday, March 7th!"

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