After only 18 months in Kalamazoo, Randi Burns is moving on.

It seems like we get just enough time to get to know a weather person in Kalamazoo and then they leave us.  Randi Burns announced Sunday on her facebook page that she is leaving to be closer to family,

18 months. I have had 18 months to experience the beauty of West Michigan. When I went into news, my goal was eventually to get as close to family as possible in my career. I thought West Michigan was that place, but God had other plans for me. I will be leaving WWMT at the end of the month, my last day being March 31st. I will be moving back home! I accepted a new position with Dayton24/7Now in Dayton, Ohio - only 40 minutes from my parents, younger sisters and extended family.

If you can't see the full facebook post below click here.

As we look back on Randi's time here in West Michigan let's not forget the adorable outtake video.  Click here to check that out.

We wish Randi Burns the best.  Wait, she knows she's going to Ohio right?


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