Kalamazoo's newest weather person is having a Thornapple good time.

WWMT News Channel 3's Randi Burns had a heck of a time Monday while reporting on the flooding in West Michigan.  According to WWMT.com grew up and went to college in Ohio.

This video clip shows the "newish" Kalamazoo meteorologist Randi Burns trying her best to say "Thornapple River."  But what comes out is....

I think my favorite part of the video is the adorable shoulder shrug dance.  She is keepin' it real!

Everyone knows I was crushed when Christina Anthony left Kalamazoo for Pennsylvania about a year ago.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Randi's co-workers at WWMT have already warned her about me.  After this outtake video, my TV crush has changed.

Randi Burns...you can "thorn river apple" all day long.  I just have to figure out a way to get passed the fact that you're from Ohio.

Speaking of Christina Anthony...remember this uncomfortable moment?

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