As reported by WWMT News Channel 3, one Kalamazoo woman is hoping to help those with food insecurity by creating a community garden.

Food insecurity is an issue impacting Americans nationwide. In Kalamazoo alone, nearly 38,000 local residents deal with food insecurity. That includes over 9,000 children.

It's something that inspired local Kalamazoo native, Jackie Mitchell, to aspire to create a community space for those who are hungry. The goal is to feature local growers and to educate locals on how to better take care of their health. In an interview with WWMT News Channel 3, Mitchell said,

Part of the food insecurity is not necessarily getting to the food but being away from healthy food and getting food that is up to full nutrition

To me, that rings true. I grew up in an environment where we sometimes didn't know where our next meal was coming from. During those times, snagging a $1 menu item at the local fast food restaurant was easier than trying to afford something "healthy". We were hungry. We ate what we could. However, that doesn't mean it was the healthiest option.

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When is this community garden opening?

Mitchell's goal is to open by summer of 2021. Her garden will be located on Lake Street near Mills Street and will also be a place for local artists and artisans alike to sell their paintings or crafts.

It's an incredible vision that still needs a little push. There's currently a gofundme set up for this future community garden. If you'd like to help, you can find more information here.

Even with food assistance programs like this one that aims to help over 800,000 kids, people in Michigan are still in need. If you find yourself in need there are local organizations handing out boxes of food. Find more details below:

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