There has been some major developments in the way of Kalamazoo doing what it can to try and solve the ongoing issues it's been having with the homeless community encampments. It was just announced that Kalamazoo committing $250K to help people move from tent encampments to into hotel rooms. The LIFT Foundation recently bought the Knights Inn Mote in the Vine Neighborhood, and plan on turning them into affordable housing and a place where homeless can come to seek shelter.

On top of this, Kzoo Parks has also announced it's free food program will be held starting Friday, March 19th at Mayors’ Riverfront Park in the Kalamazoo Growlers Parking Lot, at 251 Mills St. Their website shares details about how people can take advantage:

The contents of each box will vary depending on availability but will typically contain 25 to 35 pounds of fresh produce, dairy, bread, canned and boxed goods, packaged rice and beans, juice, and a dry protein. In addition, milk, meat, and bakery items will be added when available. Each box will contain approximately enough food for 5 to 7 days and box amounts can be adjusted based on family size and availability.

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When Can I Get My Free Box of Food

Volunteers will distribute boxes in the parking lot at Mayors’ Riverfront Park from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. every third Friday of the month. For people who will be driving up, volunteers will be loading the boxes into either the trunk or back seat of the car. As we're nearing winter, let's hope that some real change is about to take place in the city and we can help solve the homeless issue so that these people don't have to suffer any longer.

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