West Michigan ladies speak out after having bad experiences at local nail salons.  Has this ever happened to you?

Recently, my fiance' was stuck at a Kalamazoo nail salon for 3 hours.  Even though she had an appointment they got to her late only to start her manicure and then move on to help other people.  The nail tech left her half finished for a long time.  When she thought this bad experience was finally over...the employee took her credit card for payment and walked off with it to help other customers, leaving her to wait even longer.

She told me this has happened to her at 3 different nail salons in Kalamazoo.  She can't be the only one going through this, right?

Brandi Foster had this happen too,

Hot nails did this to me years ago. I did not like it and the quality of my nails was not good. You can request that just one person work on your nails from start to finish at any salon and if they tell you no simply leave. Mira nails on Gull road used to do an amazing job. I always requested heather. Not sure if she’s still there but I loved her!

Michelle Barnhart had this to say,

Yep! Had it happen at the nail
place in crossroads mall. Needless to say, I never went back.

Candy Marie sees this all the time,

This happens at almost all nail salons these days. Instead of just working on you, they start on a bunch of different people. I think it's to keep them there. Less likely to leave once work is started. More money for them. But it is very frustrating because a 30 minute fill becomes an hour or longer. And the quality of work is downhill, with the price way up, like they did something special.

Jenn Williams says that it's par for the course,

Always 2-3 hours for mani & pedi...I just plan for it and expect it.

Where is the best nail place to go in West Michigan to avoid this situation?  Let us know in the Facebook comments.


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