Yesterday was a fun filled day in Colon, Michigan as their annual 4th of July parade was bigger than ever. It all began with a tribute to World War I veterans from Colon. From there they continued to pay tribute to the men and women from the Colon area who have served in all the great wars of this countries' history. But it wasn't without its fun too. Tons of children were lined up along the street to catch candy and to watch all the crazy floats, old-school cars, and groups from around the area that passed by, including a local legend, Lennie, who was there in his totally customized golf-cart type vehicle with automatic horse manure shovel.

There was even a point where a two-seated plane did a low fly right over the parade! The parade also paid tribute to Colon and other local fire departments as well as a the police department. This years first place float went to the WWII inspired truck that was accompanied by a live band playing in the trailer. You can check out some of the sights below as well as the entire parade. Enjoy: My Colon.

Colon 4th of July Parade




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