The serene and breathtaking beauty of Pure Michigan is something we all deserve to enjoy. In an effort to make Michigan State Parks more inclusive and accessible to all, several groups across the state have generously donated new motorized off-road wheelchairs to ensure all Michiganders are able to explore our pleasant peninsula.

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Says the Michigan DNR,

Track chairs are off-road, electronic chairs can easily handle trails, snow, sand and even up to 8 inches of water, allowing users to explore areas of the parks that traditional wheelchairs might not reach.

What's even more exciting is that these off-road wheelchairs are available to rent on a first come, first served basis and at no cost to you! Several parks also offer the option to reserve these chairs online. Perfect for hitting the trails or the beach, there are currently seven state parks who offer track chairs at various times of the year with some parks even offering chair rentals year-round.

As of this writing you'll find free track chair rentals at:

In the near future state parks in Ludington, Holland, and Ionia plan to offer track chairs as well. Learn more about accessibility in Michigan's state parks here.

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