Jack White, from 'The White Stripes', has bought a home in Kalamazoo.

Born and raised in the Detroit area, John Gillis, aka Jack White, has bought a home in Kalamazoo. According to Mlive.com the home is located on Sheffield Drive in the Winchell neighborhood.

The house features...
  • Four bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • 2.4 - acres of woodland
  • Has 3,526 square feet of living space
  • Was designed by architect George Nelson

Don't look to see Jack White around town too often though. His main residence is in Nashville, Tennessee, and The New Yorker magazine stated that...

"White bought the house after seeing photos of it but wasn't planning to live in it, except as an occasional retreat. White went on to say, Anyway, it's a place I can go and write songs and shake up my environment."

With 12 Grammy Awards to his name, it is obvious that creating amazing music is something that is important to him. With that said, he may be re-visiting Louie's Trophy House Grill sooner rather then later.

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