A large man on a motorcycle was caught on video in Indiana beating a 68-year-old man in a road rage incident.

Whether you were the person losing your temper, or someone was angry with you, it's safe to say, that everyone has experienced road rage in some form. This case of road rage took place last Sunday afternoon in the small town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.  The dangerous road rage situation had been apparently going on for many miles before it came to a violent end at the intersection of U.S. 50 and Hollywood Blvd near the entrance of the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg.  The video footage below that WCPO obtained from the Greendale Police Department shows the 40-year-old suspect getting off of his motorcycle and repeatedly punching the 68-year-old driver of a Mercedes before taking off according to WCPO,

The man then gets back on his bike and rides away when the light changes. Lawrenceburg police said the driver was battered and lost consciousness, continuing eastbound on U.S. 50 and hitting a truck about a quarter-mile away from the intersection.

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The suspect that allegedly attacked the 68-year-old man was described as being around 40 years old, a little over 6 feet tall, and 230 pounds.  Local law enforcement has identified the suspect but has not released the man's name.  Although they have identified the suspect, they are still looking for him.  If you have any information on this suspect you are asked to contact Lawrenceburg Police Department at 812-537-2284.

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