If you love exploring abandoned sites around Michigan you definitely need to be sure that the property you're exploring is actually abandoned.

I'm a member of the Facebook group Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan where people frequently post buildings that have long since been abandoned. However, one there's one particular property that is repeatedly posted and it isn't even abandoned.  

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The post, which you can see here, shows a mansion that has seen better days. The caption read,

Can’t remember exactly where this was (we were traveling - photo tag says Burnside Township) - somewhere in the thumb. But it was next to a gas station where we stopped and I had to get a closer look!

As it turns out, the original poster was not the first person to share photos of this mansion considering the first comment said,

For the 25,000 time this is the Bruce Mansion and they are working on restoring the mansion. Yes, it's beautiful and unfortunately it's posted in this group about 10 times a week...

Upon further investigation, I discovered a Facebook profile with the name Bruce Mansion and it looks like people are, indeed, working to fix the place up!

Located in Brown City, Michigan, this mansion apparently has a "spooky" past. According to Onlyinyourstate.com, the Bruce Mansion was built in 1876 by a Scottish immigrant. The mansion survived a fire in 1881 that nearly destroyed the entire town of Brown City which, to me, sounds more like luck than anything spooky.

However, the home had multiple owners most of which were found dead within the home. This mansion was even a funeral home at one point. Naturally, it's a spot of interest for people interested in the paranormal. But, as stated above, the home is now under private ownership and not open to those wanting to explore it.

If you're dying to know more about the potential paranormal side of the Bruce Mansion, I would recommend following their Facebook page. Scrolling through, it looks like they've posted several videos of bizarre encounters involving things that don't seem to be visible to the naked eye (insert creepy music here).

Exploring abandoned properties can be fun BUT, if you set out to explore make sure you do your research. Those properties may be home to something more...sinister. Also, more reasonably, they may not be open to the public.

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