Anytime I hear that something special is happening on April Fools Day, I'm immediately suspicious. But, this appears to be the real deal.

Moo Moo Ice Cream Joint in Mattawan will soon be reopening for the season with a hefty promise: free ice cream all day on 4/1. And, they swear that it's not a joke (what a cruel joke that would be):

Moo Moo Ice Cream Joint has been around Southwest Michigan since 2017 and serves 32 flavors of Hershey's Ice Cream. Like many spots in Michigan, they open seasonally from April 1st to October 1st. They also provide free ice cream to dogs when they come to visit with their families. How cute is that?

Judging by their Facebook page, they've been embraced by the community since opening. They often free ice cream to locals for a number of different reasons. For example, they offered Mattawan High School graduates free ice cream to celebrate in 2020.

And, they even have their air balloon??

That is definitely surprising.

Like me, some locals seem to be suspicious of the validity of the 'free ice cream all day' promise. Comments on Moo Moo Ice Cream Joint's post said:

Oh no is this a joke? Should We go? - Brittney H. 

Got me! We’ll still be there, we absolutely cannot wait!! - Kristel L. 

And Jenny M. just posted an 'April Fools' gif.

But, Moo Moo Ice Cream Joint insists it's not a joke. Hopefully, people believe them.

Regardless of whether this is indeed a joke, something they do every year, or just a clever marketing move surrounding a "holiday", Moo Moo Ice Cream Joint will reopen on April 1st. You can find their hours and all updates (for free ice cream and more) by following them on Facebook.

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