We've seen a lot of new businesses popping up which is great, considering the state of everything. It's good to know businesses are finding the ability to grow during a tough time in Michigan, and one eye catching building in Kalamazoo which has been abandoned for a while is about to be home to a new one. In the r/kzoo feed, someone noticed some construction going on in the building:

I was at Advia Credit Union (Comstock Ave. & Sprinkle) yesterday afternoon and noticed what appeared to be construction activity. I asked the bank teller and they said they did not know and were curious too. Anyone have any idea what's going on there? Thanks!

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One person did some digging around on Google and found out what all the construction was about: "It looks like SRS Building Supply, a wholesale distributor of building materials selling residential and commercial roofing. They have an opening date of March 1st."

Once I saw this I did a generic Google search of "Kalamazoo Michigan SRS Building Supply" and sure enough, the location standing at 3825 Lake St, Kalamazoo, MI 49048 as the new SRS advertising as a "Roofing Supply Store." The shop is attached to the Suzuki dealership which has been closed down for some time now. As of now the only building that seems to be operational again is the small white & blue building. But who knows, maybe something big may open up shop there soon.

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