UPDATE: His owners have been located. Thank you to the community for your help! 

Working at the radio station in Kalamazoo, seeing random wildlife outside your window is a normal occurrence. We sit on a large field with a few wooded areas close by. Seeing deer, birds, and even coyotes is not uncommon.

The same can be said for rabbits. Except for yesterday.

Yesterday, 5/15, I looked out of the studio window to notice an unusual-looking rabbit:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Compared to our usual visitors, this little guy stood out thanks to his dark brown and tan colors.

Doing a quick Google search, it looks like it might be a Tan Rabbit, otherwise known as The Aristocrat Tan.

According to animalcorner.com, these rabbits are domestic in the United States but originated in Europe in the late 1800s by accident. Apparently, a colony of Wild European Rabbits bred with common domestic rabbits and thus the Tan Rabbit was born.

But, where did our visitor come from?

If you're someone who is missing a pet rabbit, our radio station is located on Jennings Rd in Kalamazoo. I hope that's the case. Otherwise, I fear the alternative which is...someone may have bought him without realizing the responsibilities that come along with owning a pet. He may have been released on purpose.

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Are You Sure He's Not Wild?

If he is, he's the first.

According to michigan.gov, the two types of rabbits/hares we have in the state are the cottontail rabbit, which is very common, and the snowshoe hare. The cottontail rabbit, seen below, can be found throughout the majority of Michigan while the snowshoe hare is primarily found up north.


While he was a lovely surprise on a Monday morning, I want to make sure this bunny finds his home. Watching him chase the other, wild bunnies around, while cute at the moment, is heartbreaking if he's lost.

Please share with anyone who is missing a pet rabbit.

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