For one night only this Spring, you can experience the fright of your life.

On Friday the 13th you can have your nightmares come to life at Erebus in Pontiac Michigan.

For those that love haunted houses one of Michigan's most popular haunted houses is opening for one night only this month. According to

Erebus Haunted Attraction will open from 8 p.m. to midnight on Friday, April 13 to lure guests into a terrifying tangle.

It will be a half-mile trail of terror, that is normally is only open during the Halloween season.  According to

"The lights are turned out and you descend into a labyrinth of dread, fear and despair,"


If you have ventured into the four floors of terror before, they have something new for you! All lights will be shut out and the only thing you as a guest will have to lead the way is a glow stick! Erebus has extended this invitation...

Come feast on state of the art Hollywood special effects where things will bite you, grab you, and you even get buried alive! How long can you hold your breath? Can you and your group of friends endure over a half-mile indoor walk through one of the world’s largest haunted attractions?

Do you dare...General admission tickets cost $28, or skip the line for $50.

 If you have the guts, good luck!


Alan Kazam with Heather McGregor



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