Consumers Energy is now hooking the West Side of Grand Rapids up with Solar Energy.  Is Kalamazoo next?

This is a test of more to come according to DailyEnergyInsider,

The new energy distribution setup was established atop the Bridge Street Market and adjoining buildings in a 13-block district, marking a unique entry into state and national history. It was a joint project between Consumers Energy and Rockford Construction, able to power up to 100 homes. Consumers will subsequently be studying the system’s performance, together with that of a 1-megawatt battery installed at a substation in Western Michigan University’s Kalamazoo, Michigan campus last fall.

Reviews of their performance will help them determine the best use and integration practices for the future of the grid.

Seeing Consumers Energy taking these steps toward solar energy is a very good thing for Michigan.  Finding ways to make safer and more efficient batteries will be a game changer for the state and the country.

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