Michigan either has a lot of bad behaving children or too many impatient adults.

Zippia recently did a deep dive into Google Trends to find each state's biggest pet peeve.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary Pet Peeve is a noun that means,

A frequent subject of complaint.

The most common annoyances found in this "study" were as follows:

  • Slow Internet (15 states)
  • Burping (11 states)
  • Badly Behaved Kids (7 states)

Michigan is one of the seven states that are so annoyed with other people's mischievous offspring.  Most of the Midwest seems to be dealing with internet problems.  Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri have 'Slow Internet' as their biggest pet peeve according to Zippia.com.

A couple finding you might find funny from this Google Trends breakdown for 2021:

  • Five states (Connecticut, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and North Dakota) list 'bragging' as their biggest pet peeve.  These are all states, that some may feel, have little to brag about.
  • Maryland's biggest pet peeve is 'Pessimism.'  That's almost like saying your biggest pet peeve is pet peeves.

Back to the mitten state.  If I'm being honest.  I can't see how 'Badly Behaving Kids' would even be in the top 10 for Michigan.  What do you think Michigan's biggest pet peeve should be?  Let us know in the comments.

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